Thank you for helping to make Walk A Mile a huge success!  Your donation will help us in providing hope and healing to people in crisis.

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Thanks again!
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Tony Briceno " Be Hairy, Do Good "
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Thank you for stopping by and welcome to the cause.

This April I will be strapping on some heels to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes to raise awarness for domestic violence towards women and to raise a few dollars to help support Safe Alliance and its local Domestic Violence shelter.

I will be walking with my friends and fellow members of the Beard and Moustache Club of North Carolina, Charlotte Chapter. Please take the time, and money, to make a donation to help me and the club reach its goals. Even $1 helps.


Preaparing and Serving lunch at the Safe Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter.
Preaparing and Serving lunch at the Safe Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter.

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