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Thank you for helping to make Walk A Mile a huge success!  Your donation will help us in providing hope and healing to people in crisis.

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BOA LEAD for Women

Team Members

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    Erica Finley


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    Lanitra Jackson


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    Sofia Leon


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    Maryana Leon


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    Ashley Hardee


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Recent Contributors

Margaret Dechant Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 04/25/2019
Marat Akopian Amount: $ 23.31 Date Received: 04/23/2019
Anonymous Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 04/4/2019
Trevor Runberg Amount: $ 95.5 Date Received: 04/4/2019
Tracey Bernardo Date Received: 05/9/2019
Marice Snodgrass Date Received: 04/22/2019
Jackie Ely Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 04/10/2019
Bailey Smith Amount: $ 35 Date Received: 04/10/2019
Matt And Melissa Barhorst Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 04/9/2019
John Fandel Amount: $ 23.31 Date Received: 04/9/2019
Blair Donald Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 04/8/2019
Julie Maloney Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 03/15/2019