April 27, 2019
1 Year, 6 months and 29 days since
the event.

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Each year, an ever-increasing number of men, women and their families are joining the award-winning Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®: The International Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence. A Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event is a playful opportunity for men, community members, and community partners to raise awareness in about the serious causes, effects and remediations to men's sexualized violence against women.

First You Walk the Walk

There is an old saying: "You can't really understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes." Created by men, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® asks men to literally walk one mile in women's high-heeled shoes. It's not easy walking in these shoes, but it's fun and it gets the community to talk about something that's really difficult to talk about: gender relations and men's sexualized violence against women.

However, Sexualized Violence is not Just a Women's Issue.


Now it's your turn to join the fun with Safe Alliance at this year's Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. Named Reader's Choice Best Charity Event in previous years by Creative Loafing, it's a can't miss experience. 

For questions or sponsorship you can contact Lori Maxwell at 704-367-2705 or by email,  lori.maxwell@safealliance.org